About Us

About Us

SSBC has been instrumental in making our nation foundation increasingly effective through building and incorporating landscapes and cityscapes. SSBC has built milestone structures the nation over. SSBC contacts our lives through milestone structures including interstates, roads, spans, flyovers, townships, tall structures, healing centers, modern units, and control plants and so on. Generally, the organization has begun growing vistas by taking requests from universal partners. SSBC Infra extends is a planned Engineering Procurement development organization which is managing structuring and advancement of various streets and interstates across more than fourteen states in India. The SSBC business assignments are broadly isolated into three characterizations, the first is thoughtful developments, for example, structures, roads and different infrastructures. The second one is creating streets and interstates and the last one is assembling of thermoplastic paint and road signage and make and excited metal mishap barriers.SSBC endeavor to accomplish greatness through expedient execution, cost productivity, the executives of supportability concerns, wellbeing and every administrative consistence.SSBC India isn't just a single of the biggest common development organizations in India, however can likewise make a case for having constructed the most extreme number of scaffolds in the entire of the region. For almost a century SSBC has been attempted and executing the hardest development ventures. It has an honorable reputation, a strong experience and a demonstrated quality on conveyance standards over its full range of administrations. Around the nation, SSBC's activities support development in economies and enhance the personal satisfaction of a great many individuals. Its skill enables organizations to create esteems from the most difficult conditions. This has empowered SSBC to end up a name that is inseparably woven into the texture of India. SSBC has turned out to be one of the world's driving development organizations, expanded into zones including foundation the board, transmission lines and power area. As manufacturers to the country, the Company makes solid commitments by planning and developing scaffolds, dams, elevated structure structures, The SSBC has achieved this by melding colossal learning with weighty aptitudes, outfitting men and materials crosswise over differing ventures. The organization's gifted group realizes that ventures are basic to the proceeded with development and achievement of the SSBC organization. Structures worked by SSBC remain as living declarations to the triumph of man over nature. It trusts that the present arrangements won't be satisfactory tomorrow. This voracious journey has driven SSBC to pioneer numerous advancements. These incorporate Reinforced and Pre-focused on Concrete, Long Span spans, submerged cementing, thin shell structures, Non-contracting cement and Aluminum brackets for propelling precast and Pre-focused on shafts. SSBC gives the base, the inspiration and the consolation to look forward with hopefulness and certainty and the parallel mix to bring everything into what's to come. As manufacturers to the country SSBC fabricates your future. SSBC infra is one of the quickest developing framework endeavors in the nation with a rich and different experience traversing fourteen years With our energetic arrangement of undertakings, SSBC is exceptionally set to assemble best in class extends in parts that are of basic significance during the time spent advancement. Utilizing the Public Private Partnership display, the SSBC has effectively utilized its center qualities to execute a few famous framework extends in India. SSBC organization conveys world-class building and development administrations. SSBC are one of the pioneers in the Indian construction industry. Proceeding with our inheritance of advancement, we accomplish new achievements with each undertaking. SSBC is in charge of milestone extends that have characterized the nation's advancement. Flooding ahead with nearness in different segments and contribution in progressive activities, SSBC are making open doors for everybody. SSBC has a solid responsibility towards the security of the general population it communicates and has dealings with and, thus, we play it safe with each bit of framework we build.SSBC have confidence in potential outcomes. Each SSBC activity would like to enable the lives of the general population associated with it. The advancement of our kin controls the advancement of our organization. An Every achievement of SSBC turns into an establishment for us to improve the situation, to dream greater, and make a superior future. SSBC duty, as industry pioneers, drives us to be strong and grasp harder difficulties. Changing difficulties into circumstances has been the sign of the SSBC, as far back as its commencement fourteen years prior. The SSBC is an expanded foundation combination with business interests in Construction. SSBC plays a major role in constructions such as improvement enhancement of the building constructions and dams projects and many more. In all these tasks SSBC has done an impeccable work and satisfied all the clients and got the best impression from the clients. And also have great reputation by completing the big and prestigious projects successfully. And SSBC infra company has become one of the prior company to the clients to get best quality outputs from the company.


our mission

SSBC Mission is To attempt the designing and development business with an attention on turning into the pioneer in item costing while at the same time assembling greatness in each perspective to meet clients stringent prerequisites in regards to quality, on-time conveyance, security and natural concerns. To upgrade and brace quality, speed, advancement and innovation into the Organizations business adventures and to be a trailblazer in imaginative administration rehearses crosswise over premium foundation space. To improve and keep up our potential in giving our administrations by consistently extending in various framework segment. Beneficial development through predominant task the board, advancement, quality and commitment. Creating with enthusiasm and development, world class framework to make human life agreeable. To upgrade and brace quality, speed, development and innovation into the Organizations business adventures and to be an innovator in creative administration rehearses crosswise over premium foundation space. To accomplish our targets in a domain of reasonableness and obligingness to our customers, representatives, merchants, financial specialists and society. To give development benefits in an expert way to surpass the requirements of our clients. SSBC fundamental point is to remain by the necessities of consistently developing and refining development area, to give thorough and selective scope of items, bright and rich administrations, speedily and monetarily alongside the learning of execution and tutoring of involvement. This combined with SSBC devotion to the quest for perfection, advancement and quality. SSBC has possessed the capacity to convey the best to their exceptionally merited Clients. To fabricate quality foundation with responsibilities towards Delivery, Safety and Environment accomplishing most abnormal amount of client satisfaction. The point of SSBC is to end up a first need to the customers by keeping up the phenomenal quality in doing ventures and finishing them before the planned time. Whats more, to give an extreme rivalry to different organizations and to make individuals glad to work at SSBC. The primary concern is to advance the new thoughts and upgrading the efficiency and cost adequacy and to give a wellbeing frameworks and better street enhancements to stay away from mishaps. These are the Mission principles of SSBC and By making these terms the SSBC infra company has led to be one of the best infra company in North India and these are one of the part of the company to achieve the companys success and made the company to be in a next level In the Infra Field.


our plan

SSBC has a great plan to execute that in terms the employee recruitment that means the SSBC company maintains the standard quality and experienced employees so that the employee experience will works in the project quality and completion of projects as per the scheduled time and this leads to a step forward to the company. The Second Thing the estimation of the project budget and other requirements that are needed for the project and this is the major thing that every company should implement and SSBC implements it correctly. Getting attention and best impression from the clients and for these things SSBC gives quality output and another plan off SSBC to give the quality assurance and for quality assurance SSBC uses the quality material in the projects and so automatically the quality of the project will remains longer and by this plan the fame of SSBC will get increased to a great extent. The other plan of SSBC is allotting the employees according to the skills that they acquire.To be a world-class development and framework endeavor focused on quality, auspicious finishing, consumer loyalty, consistent learning and upgrade of partners value. Be perceived all around as a main, all round foundation supplier through brilliance in individuals, arranging and processes.SSBC plan is to give singular thoughtfulness regarding every single client on their administrations, benefits different necessities and to know the clients needs in the market and finishing the undertakings as per the clients needs. To give Openness, Trust, Integrity and reliability, Commitment and innovativeness to the clients. So SSBC executes the work perfectly without any delays and SSBC maintains sincerity towards the work so they offer an unbelievable trust to the employees than compared to other companies.SSBC projects are more reliable than compared to any other companies in Rajasthan. By implementing the procedure perfectly the SSBC has become one of the best infra Construction Company in Rajasthan State.


our vision

SSBC try to be, one of the best infra organization in its circle and which enhances nature of lives through its work. We promise to maintain the accompanying qualities and responsibility amid our investment in the associations exercises and in the quest for our aggregate vision by a Vision with a speed, objectives without means and innovation without foundation would abandon any eager arrangement for extension of business. Along these lines, for taking up esteemed ventures, a fine mix of operational productivity and foundation is very objective. SSBC has ever stayed in the cutting edge in overhauling its abilities. This has produced up SSBC for taking up any undertaking of any magnitude. The Vision of SSBC is attempt to be a main organization in the worldwide market by improving. To cultivate best innovation individuals and procedures in quest for quality standards. To give a quality assurance to the completed projects. To accept and practice goal-oriented benchmarks of polished methodology, corporate administration and honesty in its operations. To handle the big projects in a quality and a better wayto accomplish notoriety as a worldwide innovator in development and infrastructure. To esteem our clients and are driven towards meeting the responsibilities we improve through undertaking conveyance. To esteem our kin, their cooperation and interior frameworks and procedures to perform in front of others. To offer to advance better living through development which has been imbued into our plan of action from the begining. To organize on our standards of holding fast to astounding gauges to have more noteworthy effect in the lives of individuals. To seek after to develop as the most adequate organization giving turnkey arrangements included qualities that makes life agreeable. To give an unmatchable nature of living knowledge through the creation a goal to live, work and play, Safety First, Quality Every time, Delivery on TimeNature of lives through its work. SSBC guarantee to keep up the going with qualities and obligation pointed interest in the organization's exercises and in the mission of total vision by creating safe and solace streets and parkways and different frameworks for the nation. The SSBC infra Company keeps on creating and turn into the main Engineering and Construction firm in north India and in the long run the area, while conveying ventures that reliably meet better models. SSBC does not step back in taking projects it handles all kinds of projects from minor to major and best prestigious projects also. And the main thing is to solve the disturbances that happened to the customers and want to be support to the customers and availability to the customers at every time. By these type of Vision qualities the SSBC infra Company achieved a great success in the Infra market and it is one of the leading company in Rajasthan.